Staples of Indian Cuisine

Naan pic


An experienced real estate professional and designer, Sat Parkash Sharma serves as president of Leverich Design Studio, an interior and architectural design consulting agency based in Jackson Heights, New York. In his spare time, Sat Parkash Sharma enjoys cooking and eating South Asian cuisine.

South Asian cuisine comprises the indigenous food of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka. One of the more popular South Asian cuisines among Western cultures, Indian food is famous for many well-known staples, including:

Naan, a leavened bread that is flat and baked in a tandoor, or traditional clay oven. Naan is typically accompanied by curry.
Butter chicken, a saucy dish consisting of tomato puree, spices, butter, and chicken that has been marinated in yogurt.
Tandoori chicken, another popular chicken dish using a yogurt marinade and cooked in a tandoor with tandoori masala.
Palak paneer, a North Indian dish made by cooking spinach and cheese in a vegetarian curry sauce.
Lassi, a creamy, yogurt-infused drink blended with cumin and fruit.


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