Famous Dishes in Western Europe

Irish Stew pic

Irish Stew
Image: allrecipes.com

Sat Parkash Sharma has served as president of Leverich Design Studio in Jackson Heights, New York, since 2015. When he isn’t busy negotiating design deals and consulting with clients, Sat Parkash Sharma enjoys European cuisine.

European cuisine is broad and varied, with each country offering a unique array of national dishes and cultural staples. Some of Western Europe’s most renowned original dishes include:

Ireland’s Irish Stew – Irish stew has welcomed repeated praise over the past 200 years and is made by slow-boiling potatoes, onions, and mutton.
Scotland’s Haggis – A slightly odd-looking cuisine, haggis was originally cooked inside sheep stomachs. It consists of meat, oatmeal, onions, and spices.
England’s Yorkshire Pudding – Contrary to its name, Yorkshire pudding is a savory, bread-like side, composed of flour, eggs, and milk and served alongside roast beef and gravy.
Germany’s Bratwurst – A type of sausage, bratwurst is a staple of German barbecue.
France’s Pot-au-Feu – Literally translating to pot in the fire, pot-au-feu is a traditional stew containing steak, vegetables, and spices.