Popular Tourist Destination in India is Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort pic

Mehrangarh Fort
Image: jodhpurindia.net

The president of Jackson Heights, New York-based Leverich Design Studio, Sat Parkash Sharma has extensive construction management experience. When not working in New York, Sat Parkash Sharma takes time off to travel and likes visiting Asian destinations such as India.

A popular tourist destination in India is Mehrangarh Fort, in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Its name means “fort of the sun.” The fort sits atop a rocky hill soaring 400 feet above the surrounding area. More than 500 yards in length, its walls are 70 feet thick and in some locations have a height of 120 feet. Roa Jodh, then head of the ruling Rajput clan, founded the fort in 1459.

Over the course of the next five centuries, various additions and modifications were made to the fort and to the structures and palaces found inside. As a result, one can notice the different building styles representing different periods as one tours the area; the abrupt change from one era to the next is one of the alluring characteristics of the fort.

To reach the fort requires passing through seven gates, some of which bear cannonball scars, a testament to its military purpose. Inside the fort are well preserved palaces, courtyards, galleries, temples, and stunning artifacts showcasing the outstanding workmanship of Jodhpuri craftsmen, as well as the area’s rich cultural heritage.